Monday, August 01, 2005

During yesterday's rain...

BPO companies were desperate. Intelenet Global Services that shot to fame during the July 7 blasts in London by working overtime couldn’t get employees to office.

Susir Kumar, the CEO, said: "We are talking to the television guys to tone down their warnings that discourage people from travelling. Come on, these are normal rains," said the exasperated executive.

The Met office agreed. "What we’re seeing today is not in any way unusual," said Subhash Bhan at the Indian Meteorological Department, Delhi.
Read the rest of the Telegraph report here. My question: shouldn't people be getting a clear signal about the level of rains, whether or not workplaces are affected? If the tv channels were issuing their warnings based on considered advice or appeals from the administration, which presumably takes into account the disruitions already caused by waterlogging etc, is it appropriate for affected companies to "talk" to the channels to tone down their warnings? On the other hand, there's the possibility that the channels were being unnecessarily melodramatic...What do you think?