Saturday, August 06, 2005

35 marooned villages, 70,000 people

Zee News reports:
Incessant rains since last week has claimed over 20 lives and affected about 70,000 people living in 35 marooned villages of Kolhapur district, a senior official said today [sic].

"The floods caused by the heavy downpour and the swollen Krishna and other rivers in the district have directly affected some 70,000 people from 35 villages. Of these, 40,000 have been shifted to 53 relief camps set up at various parts of the district," Resident Deputy Collector D K Shinde said here.
This just serves to remind us that while most of Mumbai may well be "limping back to normal", as the cliche goes, in the affected parts of the city and a lot of Maharashtra, relief work may take months, and some of the damage done, to both property and lives, may be irrepairable.

On a tangent, the article on the Zee News website says that this is a "Bureau Report", while the same article in the Hindu is credited to PTI. One of them is messing around.