Monday, August 01, 2005

Star Dust

When all else fails, there are always the stars. And not just the ones in Bollywood.
According to this enlightened article in The Asian Age, "well-known astro-Vaastu consultant Rasesh Shah" says Mumbai's "bad patch" will end at 8.30 am on Friday.
"Saturn and the Sun are both transiting Cancer and occupy the same house. Saturn alone has a bad influence, but when both are in the same house the result is catastrophic. Cancer is a water sign hence the flood-like situations in Mumbai. Mr Shah says that Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat could have problems related to water."
Two questions. If Mr Shah knows so much, why didn't he speak up before the floods? Or did he, like the state government, expect a mild drizzle, which would merely inconvenience rather than wreck daily life? And second, "problems related to water"? Hmm. Has he been reading the daily papers by any chance?
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