Thursday, August 04, 2005

Updates in Maharashtra

Mumbai Mirror has some updates from different parts of Maharashtra. Their links cease to work after a day, so I'm reproducing a summary here:
50,000 people evacuated to safer places in Sangli. 25,000 more will be shifted soon
hectares of agricultural land affected in Kolhapur and 30,000 in Sangli
people shifted to safer places in Kolhapur after large areas were indundated
3,000 people shifted from 38 villages in Satara district as Koyna and Dhom dams overflow
cusecs of water released from Pandharpur dam
Meanwhile, Mid Day reports that 10 lakh (one million) families have been affected by the rains in Maharashtra. It lists out the compensation offered by the state government:
Rs 1 lakh: For every adult who died in the floods
Rs 50,000: for every minor who died
Rs 5,000: to all those affected by the floods (all income groups)
10 kilos of foodgrains: to all the affected.