Monday, August 01, 2005

Heavy rains forecast till Tuesday morning

Heavy rains are expected over the next 24 hours, until Tuesday morning, so don't venture out unless it's absolutely urgent or you want to help others. PTI quotes Thakur Prasad, an official of the met department, as saying:
There would be heavy to very heavy rainfall in the next 24 hours (8 am Monday to 8 am Tuesday) accompanied by strong gusty winds. Fishermen have been given a warning not to venture into the sea as it would be rough to very rough. However, after the adverse weather condition till 8 am on Tuesday, the rainfall is likely to reduce.
Rediff has a list of areas to avoid here, which contains a useful status report as of 10.30 am today. Mid Day reports that there has been a landslide at Tardeo, and that residents of Kalina, angry at being without water and power since Tuesday, have smashed a corporator's car.

Also, an anonymous commentator on a Mumbai Help post warns that many of the images you see on television are old ones, being recycled in the absence of newer images. So keep that possibility in mind when you watch the news.

Update: Tonn informs us in a comment here:
Reports are that Western Express Highway and Eastern Express Highway are operational. However the high tide started at 10.30 am and a few areas of the Western Express and Eastern Express highways, as well as SV road have started flooding. Be cautious if anyone is planning to venture out ...