Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lethal astrology

Should have known. I asked earlier if any numerologists have swung into action to tell us about how 26 is our unlucky number. The answer, bless them, is yes. Maria Abraham reports in the Hindustan Times today ("26th: India's date with disasters?", August 8):
    What does Terrible Tuesday, when Bombay was inundated, have in common with the earthquake in Gujarat four years ago and the tsunami which struck the southern coast last December, leading to hundreds ot deaths? All of them happened on the 26th, and numerologists say it all adds up to a lethal astrological reason for India's date with disasters...

    [R]eputed numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani, known for advising Bollywood and cricket stars, said he had actually mentioned in a radio programme a day before the deluge that July 26th would be an inauspicious day.

Well! I'm convinced! Boy, was that wet Tuesday an inauspicious day or was it an inauspicious day!

This deserves more, which I'll get to soon.