Wednesday, August 10, 2005

High fever and failure of vital organs

We had written earlier about the worries that an epidemic might break out after the cloudburst. Well, those worries have resurfaced, with 10 people dying in Mumbai since yesterday "due to high fever and failure of various vital organs." Mid Day adds:
[H]ealth officials said today that 19 confirmed cases of cholera have been reported across the state, while Mumbai alone has 352 hepatitis, 30 leptospirosis and 10 dengue patients.

A total 11,684 cases of diarrhoea and gastroenteritis were reported (excluding Mumbai) till yesterday, the officials said.
Meanwhile, the Bombay High Court tells the Maharashtra government to get its act together, as the state's advocate general claims that "the electronic media had created havoc with its coverage."

Bang, bang, bang. Hey, look, someone's firing at the messenger.

Update: PTI reports that Maharashtra's chief secretary has called a meeting to discuss (presumably emergency) measures to tackle the prospect of an epidemic. The toll in Mumbai keeps rising, and the pictures in this Mid Day story will give you some idea why. Also, here are some localised reports from Kalyan, Khar and the Ghoshte Colony in Kherwadi.