Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Now Shanghai gets hit

Shanghai, often spoken of as being a benchmark for Mumbai, has also been hit by the weather. According to this report:
Xinhua news agency said seven people were killed in the metropolis, four of whom were electrocuted when power lines were brought down.

The typhoon flooded 20,000 houses, uprooted 2,700 trees and destroyed 400 high-tension power lines in the city. Its two airports, Hongqiao and Pudong, were closed for 30 hours.
Also read Xinhua's account of the aftermath. The typhoon was supposed to be heading towards Belijing, where the authorities were planning to "evacuate about 40,000 people living close to mountains in suburban Beijing should there be a threat of landslides or flooding." It hasn't yet arrived there.

Gaurav, who sent some of these links, points out via email that "the rains were still [just] 15 cm, and it flooded many parts of Shanghai. We got more than 6 times the rain!" He also points out that a few of the deaths in Shanghai were caused by electrocution, a fate wisely avoided in Mumbai by Relaince Energy shutting off power wherever it was unsafe to keep it on, for which they were rather unjustly criticised.