Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Kalina's plight, and its lobbying MLA

Rediff has yet another in their series of reader accounts up here, in which a reader named Imran disputes the news that Kalina, one of the worst-affected parts of Mumbai, has received help. He writes:
Everyone is talking about the Kalina area, and there are even navy personnel helping people out. One news channel is also claiming it is the first who reached there with help. But all of their help is restricted to Air India and the Indian Airlines colony, because these colonies belong to the government.

My question is what about other parts of Kalina, all those houses that are just ground plus one? The village people of Kalina, does anyone bother to help them? Did anyone bother to reach them? They are on their own. When you go little further from Kalina to Kurla, there is Vivek colony, Govind Sagar, Kailash Parbhat, then on CST road Kapadia Nagar there is still water in the ground floor flats. On 26th July, all the ground floors were submerged. Did anyone bother to reach them, find about their plight and help them?
So where is the legistlator who represents the people of this area, Kripashankar Singh? Mumbai Mirror reports:
[During the] days when Mumbai was buried under sheets of water, the Santa Cruz legislator was sipping tea in Central Hall lobbying hard to get into the Vilasrao [Deshmukh] ministry along with [Narayan] Rane. In fact his lobbying upset party leaders so much that many couldn’t hide their glee when they heard he had been roughed up by his people on reaching home.
That gives me one of those don't-know-whether-to-laugh-or-cry moments.