Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Updated Figures

The Indian Express has the latest facts on the floods:
1. 942 people have died, including 429 in the capital due to landslides, drowning and electrocution in floodwater. A further 109 people were injured in the state and 59 were missing.
2. About 300 cases of cholera, gastroenteritis and dysentry have been reported.
3.Losses for the state have been estimated at up to 20 billion rupees ($460 million), and small businesses alone have lost an estimated 10 billion rupees, according to an industry body. Pfizer Ltd, the Indian unit of the world's largest drug maker, estimated its flood losses at 1 billion rupees.
4. Long-distance trains on some routes have been cancelled for a week. But Mumbai airport, where a plane skidded off the runway on Saturday, was functioning "close to normal", according to the airport director, Sudhir Kumar.