Tuesday, August 02, 2005

All In A Day's Work

Inspiring story. Doctors at Vile Parle's RN Cooper Municiple Hospital worked three days straight, in candlelight, to help the injured.
"While Pramod Nagarkar (40), a casualty medical officer, attended to patients with electric shocks, head injuries and severe respiratory distress, P.R. Kasturi ensured patients on the ground floor were moved upstairs.“Our entire hospital was in waist-deep water, so it was crucial to save patients,” said Kasturi, senior medical officer. A Lokhandwala resident, the administrator (in her 50s) didn’t go home for three days.As the rest of the city waded back home on Thursday, the hospital had to deal with a deadlier tragedy: A rumour-sparked stampede in nearby Nehru Nagar. The 18 dead and the injured were taken to Cooper.“I’ve never seen so many dead bodies at a time,” said Dr Nagarkar ruefully. “Maybe during the blasts, it was disturbing.”
Armed only with a candle, Nagarkar examined the injured and identified 32 bodies in one night. All this while his home in the hospital’s ground floor was flooding and his 12-year-old daughter was stuck in school."