Monday, August 01, 2005

Today's Report

I have just got home from work. I live in Andheri (E) and work was at Film City - that is Goregaon (E).

(opposite the Hub - Goregaon East, a fair amount of water logging)

The highway is in a bad state - especially in portions approaching a flyover. Also, slip roads are in a mess. The area opposite the Hub - Vanrai Colony was badly flooded in the afternoon. It was far less flooding than last Tuesday, but not by much. The good news is that police were in full force today giving out information and support.

Electricity supply in the area is still slightly off. We were told that a transformer has burnt down. A number of families and communities live within Film City - squatters mainly. They depend on shoot crews for daily work& daily wages. We are still the only crew shooting within the area - there are 14 floors there, we are the only ones working. So a number of families living in adjoining areas are impacted. Water supply within Film City is brown. You are afraid to touch it let alone drink it.

The Aarey road has been blocked from the Goregaon side. The road is in tatters. The tabelas that spot Aarey have a deserted look. I am not really sure if the animals survived. All in all, Film City and Aarey have the look of a ghost town.

Colleges and schools are shut tomorrow. In a way the closing of these eased the traffic congestion on the roads. Not too many vehicles out on the roads. And everyone I know is car pooling. There was little traffic on the road while returning, but the drive back is treacherous. Parts of the highway have given away. The mouth of Andheri Kurla Road has gone back to being a moon crater.
Tomorrow seems to be another struggle against nature, but tomorrow is another day!

(a lady carrying water home - check the colour)